Co-Location Housing

If you already have your own hardware, at SPCnet we have

co-location space per U and of course also entire racks.

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Managed resources

The best environment for your infrastructure with all the managed services you need to focus on your business

  • Improved security
  • 99.9% SLA
  • Redundant connectivity
  • Green Data Center
  • Managed services
    • Advanced administration
    • Managed security
    • Comprehensive implementation
    • Additional cloud services

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IPv4 and IPv6 Networking


Redundant resources


Advanced Security


Managed services




"Co-Location" is defined as the server hosting modality in which the client physically hosts a server of its property in the SPCnet Internet Data Center. The concept for which it is invoiced is, in this case, the U-shaped space occupied by the machine and the data transfer.

One U is 4 cm in the vertical of a rack cabinet.



More and more companies are recognizing the benefits of "placing" their critical equipment in a Data Center.

The Co-Location hosting modality is becoming increasingly popular thanks to the time and money savings that a company achieves as a result of using a shared Data Center infrastructure.

When the technological infrastructure of a company is located in a secure Data Center with reliable communications such as that of SPCnet, that company begins to enjoy the freedom to focus on its own business.

Furthermore, Data Center clients reduce the cost of their local traffic by freeing up resources from their internal networks. And even more, by outsourcing network traffic to a Data Center that provides co-location services with a much higher bandwidth capacity, the speed of access to critical business websites or applications increases dramatically.

SPCnet data center

SPCnet servers have all the necessary features to provide high availability thanks to hardware redundancy and hosting in the SPCnet Data Center. This Data Center meets all the physical and connectivity conditions to and from the Internet necessary to provide a quality service. In addition, since the Data Center belongs to SPCnet and not to third parties, tedious administrative procedures are eliminated that allow us to offer a much lower response time to incidents.