Service Management Policy

SPCnet Soluciones de Negocios Electrónica, SL dedicated to the provision of services of:

- Accommodation

- Hosting

- Dedicated servers (Physical, Cloud)

According to the current catalog of services, which are carried out in:

Parque Tecnológico de Araba / Álava, Albert Einstein, 44 Edif. E6

01510 Vitoria-Gastezi (Araba / Álava) Phone: 945 29 71 00

SPCnet maintains a Service Management System based on the standard

ISO 20000-1: 2018

with the aim of ensuring an efficient provision of services aligned with the requirements and service levels agreed with customers, and ensuring a continuous improvement approach.

The management of SPCnet considers that the quality in the provision of the same and the satisfaction of the clients' needs are fundamental aspects for its business. Similarly, proper management of the IT elements that support these services is essential. That is why SPCnet assumes the following commitments in its Service Management System:

Ensure customer satisfaction, by meeting the requirements and service levels agreed with them, and ensuring that services are tailored to their needs

- Ensure compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

- Offer a professional and competitive service, in order to ensure the highest quality in the provision of the service.

- Have technically trained and aware personnel to carry out the tasks with the required quality guarantees.

- Promote continuous improvement and innovation of our activities in the field of quality management and service provision.

- The establishment of the necessary measures to prevent, study and eliminate, whenever possible, the risks that may negatively affect the management of IT Services.

- Ensure effective communication between the personnel involved in the provision of services and customers and users thereof, so that it can be guaranteed that their requirements and needs are met and met.

The SPCnet Management undertakes to provide the technical, material and human resources necessary to guarantee compliance with the objectives that SPCnet develops based on these commitments. This Policy is periodically reviewed and serves as a frame of reference for the establishment and for its effective application, it is communicated and supported by both the Management and by the company's workers, its suppliers and clients.